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Princess Yasmine Pahlavi in the Washingtonian - December 2002

The walls in YASMINE PAHLAVI's are adorned with crayon drawings and photos of smiling children --- gifts from her clients at the Children's Law Center in DC. She calls them her kids.
"My family keeps growing," says Pahlavi of her young clients. "It's hard to leave them when a case is over." Pahlavi has worked at the Children's Law Center since March 2001, providing free legal services to at-risk children and their families or foster caregivers.
What you don't see in Pahlavi's office is any hint that she is royalty. Her husband --- whom she met at Dulles International Airport --- is Prince Reza Pahlavi, heir to the throne of Iran, making Pahlavi an Iranian princess. "That's what they tell me she laugh's. "But mine is hardly a princess life."
Pahlavi, 33, spends her day taking clients to and from court to doctors's appointments, driving the streets of Washington's roughest neighborhoods.
A mother of two girls, Pahlavi also founded the Foundation for the Children of Iran to help bring sick Iranian children here for medical treatment.

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